Mirror Wardrobe

Are you thinking about to buy a wardrobe? Then you certainly don't just contemplate about size, choice of material and method of opening, but also whether to choose a model with or without a mirror. Practical or elegant? Models with mirrors generate users several benefits.

6 advantages of a cabinet with mirror:

  1. Duplicates images, create more impressive atmosphere in space
  2. Visually "inflates" room, handy in small bedrooms or corridors
  3. Reflects light, making the space look lighter and brighter
  4. Saves space and size in case you need mirror in the room
  5. Practical, when trying on outfits
  6. Multi-functional, if the bedroom or children's room is used as a fitness corner – the mirror can help to do the exercise technically correctly

More about light reflection

Wardrobes with mirrors do not have to be installed in every room to light up the space. But if you choose to, it is necessary to take into account the angle at which the sun's rays fall into the room throughout the day, because strong reflections could cause unpleasant glare or can create glare on various objects [TV screen, chandelier or chest of drawers with a glossy finish]. In addition, it can be unsatisfactory from a practical and aesthetic point of view. For this reason, set the wardrobe so that it is not within the reach of direct sunlight. In particular, try to avoid positioning against the window, but on the other side place it as close as possible to the window to receive maximum natural light thanks to reflections.

Also, if you trust the philosophy of feng-shui place the mirror or wardrobes with a mirror on the north or east wall, as it will create an influx of positive energy flowing through the room.

What should be seen in the mirror?

Mirrors tend to be treacherous because they often show what remains hidden or less visible in other circumstances. E.g., if you store some shoe boxes under a bed without a storage compartment and your wardrobe has a mirror, you run the risk of having boxes "displayed to visitors" unwarily when entering the room.
Moreover, rooms with mirror require much more order or neatness. So, if you get used to casually putting your clothes on a chair or bed, you'd better give up these (evil) habits quickly, otherwise you'll have two identical piles of clothes in your room.

Selection of wardrobe doors

Mirrors have an immensely versatile use and fit to wardrobes with a variety of styles. While mirrors on the classic swivel doors give a wardrobe a traditional, rural or vintage "look", they will act modern, minimalist and clean on the sliding panels. You can also use mirrors on multiple swivel doors if you want to view your outfit comfortably from a different angle. By turning two mirrors together, you get a glimpse of each other from the side or from the back (as long as, of course, the mirrors are located on the revolving door and these open towards each other).

Selection of wardrobe doors

Mirrors vs. materials

The good news is that mirrors can match to a range of materials. The mirrored surface framed by the basic material of the wardrobe can give this functional furniture an unexpectedly elegant touch. Combined with white the cabinets are clean and fresh, then dark frames with mirrors have a graceful and refined appearance for a change, but grey areas or surfaces with a distinctive texture lends a confident modern character.

Wooden décor with built-in mirrored surface creates an even more playful contrast, but at the same time it will give the room a warm mood. Mirrors can also be combined with a varnished surface, that acts as an uncoiled design "echo" of a more significant mirror surface.

Further on, you may also play with geometry. Mirror panels may be narrow, high or wide, located in the center line or interrupted by a line of other material:

  • If you have chosen a wardrobe with mirror belts, you can also use this "motif" in another part of the bedroom
  • High vertical strips of mirrors will help rooms with low ceilings
  • Horizontally inserted mirrors visually expand the wardrobe and the room itself
  • A wardrobe with a complete mirrored door will give the room a luxurious touch

Mirrors on other surfaces

If you placed a king size bed directly opposite the walking cabinet with a large mirror, feel free to choose a bed with a distinctive forehead that will stand out from the opposite angle. In the case of a large bedroom, you should not be afraid to combine several mirror pieces. However, you should not place mirror elements or two mirror surfaces directly opposite each other since they create an infinitely multiplied reflection, which can be disruptive. Also, a mirror openly set opposite the bed has its supporters and opponents – superstition in some EU countries claim,  that waking up with a glance in the mirror brings success. But some people find such a placement downright uncomfortable. If you are thinking about this option but have no experience with it, you better try this solution in advance.

Downside of the mirrored wardrobe

A cabinet with mirrors means more frequent cleaning and polishing. Since it is easy to see smudges, fingerprints or dust on the reflective surface (especially in the case of incidental sunlight, but also in strong artificial lighting), it has to be cleaned regularly, at least once a week. The best to use a mirror cleaning product and a slightly wet cotton towel that does not release fibers. The mirror door should be cleaned diagonally and then polished with a dry cloth to get rid of all smudges. Only then will the wardrobe with mirror achieve the right effect and result.