Blue Chesterfield sofas and a coffee table

How to choose a fashionable sofa?

The main attraction of our apartment is the living room, a real representative space. It is the center of the family, social life and last but not least a place to relax and recreate. The living room is also a salon with many roles: firstly, it organizes the space for relaxation, then it provides comfort for the people living in the household and finally it accommodates or welcomes guests. Plush Bracknell, at the same time complements and defines the style of the interior/design. e.g., some velvet seating furniture in intense colors creates a spectacular effect and attracts attention.

The seating is an inseparable part of all living room equipment, as mentioned above it largely determines the decoration of the entire living room. Depending on the size of the room, you can choose a comfortable sofa of larger or smaller size and also a matching armchair. In smaller rooms a corner sofa could work well, providing maximum space for you with ergonomic space utilization. So, the real question is, what kind of sofa to buy or choose? Let's focus first on the velvet sofa, and color palettes.

Blue velvet sofa bed

Velvet gives the interior a little luxury and highlights its elegant character. Like all plush materials, velvet has a smooth lower part but on top it is covered with thick, soft material. Thanks to the peculiar weaving mode, it reflects light from different angles, rejoicing in its delicate satin shine. Good choice for larger spaces and rooms.

Fold-out sofa in pink velvet

Velvet is divided into several types, depending on the fibers they are made of. Cotton is more matte, so it looks more delicate than silk or polyester, which are brighter, making them look even more elegant and plusher. It is also worth knowing that the colors of the bright ones look lighter and more intense, and the matte colors look darker. Nevertheless, they all look beautiful, because highlighting the beauty of colors is inherent in this material.

What corner sofa to buy in the living room: choose light or dark?

Gray is a color that is available in a lot of different shades. You can choose from very light, delicate whites to slightly darker ones in concrete, gray, graphite and darkest anthracite colors. The possibilities are endless! But let’s get practical in case an unexpected visitor decides to stay after a night out or a pleasant dinner.

Basic Design embeddable corner sooth

In a larger living room, it’s a good option to place a gray corner sofa in any available shade. A dark-colored corner set looks great in a spacious, modern interior, while a light grey sofa on feet could be the right choice in a Scandinavian-style setting. Dark colors are also an excellent choice for industrial and loft-style spaces. If you consider to place it in a smaller living room, then it is better to position it to a bright corner that looks vivid and will not exceed the interior, taking into account the principle that bright colors optically magnify small interiors.

Matt Velvet in various colors

The white color has dominated our interior design for many years, but finally beige and gray color sofas have returned with a penchant to take the interior design by storm. Colors bring homeliness and warmth to the interior. It also appears more and more often in the layouts of modern styles, including minimalist and loft styles, depriving the cold and strictness, which fundamentally changes the entire character of the room. It is an important factor, but not the only reason why we should choose colorful living room furniture. Colors play a crucial role in the concept of interior design. They affect the mood and well-being of the members of the household, as well as determine the individual character of the daytime arrangement.

Electric or relax sofas

The colors of these sofas differ since it might be placed in mancave, entertainment or theater/cinema room. The comfort is the number one priority, but more and more interior designers will explore the wall decorations, paintings first to match the style of the space. Lastly, natural light is an important factor to consider when selecting your sofa.

Is blue color the perfect choice for any living room?

Indeed, it is very glamorous, fashionable and looks beautiful, which is why we are very happy to use blue when furnishing our living room. It is a beautiful color that gives harmony, relaxing atmosphere and unique character to the interior. The calm, restrained arrangement of the white and grey living room is also perfectly enlivened.

The blue color has many shades, the selection is gigantic! You can choose from lagoons, royal blue, baby blue or storm blue colors, or even have shades like hyacinths, blackberries or moonstone. For the bolder ones, the blue main color will look good on a beautiful bedding or corner sofa with additional accessories.

Are you looking for a new idea or couch for the living room?

Bottle green is a new hit in the interior design. It fits greatly with any layout, it’s the symbol of peace and balance, bringing freshness and positive energy to any room.

Green velvet sledging beddable sofa

The green color symbolizes peace, closeness to nature and tranquility. However, when combined with other intense colors, green can bring a large amount of energy into the interior and stimulate even the strictest room. Choose a trendy sofa bed or corner set in a bottle green shade and recharge your batteries.

Green velvet sofa

Bottle green is often used in modern interior design nowadays, as it creates a somewhat mysterious and interesting atmosphere. It attracts the gaze and builds the character of the interior. Thanks to this, you can even feel free to give up other decorative elements in the interior. Another advantage is that this color can be perfectly combined with other colors. It will be a good idea to use it in the form of a comfortable sofa.

Green fits well with neutral, light colors and perfectly complements cream-colored or white interiors. Bring pleasure and combine with light wood! In fact, it's the perfect solution for a glamour-style interior. Green will also a great choice with powdery pink and gold accessories.

If you still can't decide which material to select from, visit the PLUSH showroom for inspiration and sofa selections as well as assistance.