Corner Sofa

Which sofa style is for you?

So you’ve now decided on the size requirements of your sofa, possibly the type, where it will be placed in your living space, and are confident it can access your property. Your next consideration is possibly the trickiest of them all, the style of sofa you’re going to select. So no pressure! If you’re buying a sofa for a large living room, you can afford to let a large sofa dominate. So feel free to be bold and consider a grand design, and give it plenty of space to stand out rather than push it up against a wall. However, if you have a smaller living space, you may not have as much choice in regards the position of your sofa. Aim for a compact sofa with clean lines and neutral colours, as anything too dark or too loud can overpower a small room.

Contemporary or Traditional ?

There’s a wide range of stunning sofas out there for you to choose from. But will you opt for a traditional or contemporary style? Traditional sofas exude elegance and ornate style with typical features including scroll arms, decorative turned legs, a buttoned back or polished brass castors. Expect plenty of support and comfort. Contemporary sofas are renowned for their low backs and small arms, and they’re commonly low to the ground and have exposed wooden or metal legs. That’s less support for your back but that’s made up for with a cool looking piece of furniture that adds a sense of space to your living room.

Combining traditional and modern styles Contrast modern furniture with rustic, vintage pieces to create a décor full of richness and depth. Here are a few inspiring ideas:

  • If you have contemporary furniture in your living space, try traditional wooden flooring to make the room warmer and more inviting
  • Add simple white slipcovers to traditional sofas to give them a more contemporary look
  • In a modern décor you can add character by adding a feature or accessory inspired by cottage/farmhouse style, introduce features or accessories with soft colours, vintage furnishings, feminine florals
  • Choose an eclectic mix of old accessories to decorate a clean and modern living space

What sets the style of the sofa? 

The style of a sofa can be recognised by its arms, back, and the legs or skirt. The design of those features dictate whether the sofa is contemporary or traditional in style, as does the way it’s upholstered and trimmed. Here are a selection of the most well known styles of sofa.

English or club sofas

The club sofa is a 19th-century classic offering a casual style that’s versatile enough for a variety of home décors. The arms, in comparison to other sofa shapes, are lower and more compact, making them a good choice for smaller rooms. Upholstered from the back to the seat cushions, this is a comfortable piece to sink into and relax.

Chesterfield sofas

Most commonly tufted in leather, Chesterfield couches are renowned for their high rolled arms, tufted back and seat. This type of sofa has connotations of men’s clubs and traditional libraries.

Midcentury modern sofas

Midcentury modern sofas embrace a streamlined form, featuring straight, squared lines and low squared legs. This style rose to prominence from the mid 1940s to 1970, a combination of pared-down forms, contemporary patterns and natural materials.This retro style of sofa has become more desirable again due to the influence of popular shows like Mad Men.

Scandinavian styled sofas

Scandinavian style (also known as Scandy) sofas are influenced by a design movement that began in the 1950s in the Scandinavian countries Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Scandy styled sofas are characterised by minimalism and functionality and remain as popular today as they were 60 years ago.

Sectional/modular sofas

Individual armless sofas, corner units and ottomans (upholstered seat or bench) combine to create flexible pieces of modular furniture. The style is typically clean-lined and contemporary.

Once you’ve selected a size, type and style of sofa, it’s time to look closer at what you could be buying. If the opportunity is there, visit the store to see the sofa(s) you’re interested in and ask the store assistant a few more questions.